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Subject: How to fix corrupted stats
Article #950

1) Determine the domain name, domain ID and server on which the corrupted domain resides.

2) RDP to the web server.

3) Browse to the IIS Logs folder, L:\inetpub\domain\w3svc#, to find out when the site stopped importing. Record the date of the oldest log.

4.) Back up the data that has not been imported yet.

5) Login to their stats server:
a. Login to the webcontrolcenter
b. On the Administrator Search page, set the ‘Search Type’ to ‘Domain Name’ and search for the domain. Click on the domain when the search results popup
c. Go to Statistics->SmarterStats Professional -> login as Admin

6) Search Traffic for 13 months back from current date to see what the system has.

7) Once you are logged into the domain go to site Settings->Export logs.

8) Export all logs from the month when the it stopped importing. For example, If the search shows that 3/14/2012 was the last date you need to export 3/1/2012 to 3/14/2012. Once exported, the log files will be placed in a zip file on the root of their site. The path to the zip file will be indicated by the export wizard. If this file is a 1k zip file containing no logs and the last day imported is less than two weeks old, contact your supervisor to see if a restore fix is possible. If a restore is not possible the customer will lose the statistical data from the start of the month until the date of the oldest available log.

9) Extract the logs from the zip file and place them in their IIS logs folder, L:\inetpub\domain\w3svc#.

10) Open the Weblogs folder for the domain, L:\smarterlogs\weblogs\domainid\.

11) Open the SiteConfig.xml file in Notepad and make sure word wrap is off. Scroll to the bottom and delete the lines for any days since the corruption including that month and save the file. Make sure the closing

12) Carefully delete the following files:
a. Currentsessions.logdat
b. Hosts.sitedat
c. UnprocessedSessions.dat
d. The temp folder and the folder for the last imported month for which you have exported the available logs